“It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin

P4B is your Consulting, Coaching and Training partner to help you developing your People and improve your Business.

Feeling stuck in your job?

Would you like to move forward in your career but don’t know how?

Learn more about the 66 Days Transformation Program

This transformational development program will help you to seek clarity, unleash your future, and empower your career so you achieve your DESIRED GOALS!

Learn more about the 66 Days Transformation Program

What people say about our services 

En 2016, je m’étais fixé un challenge(…)véritable défi pour moi(…). Helder m’a permis de réaliser cet objectif. Il m’a tour à tour encouragé, poussé, motivé, rassuré, accompagné, consolé, discipliné. Il m’a aidé à planifier mon plan d’entrainement. Sans son coaching et son soutien, je ne serais jamais allé au bout de cette formidable aventure.
P. Kohn
Extremely helpful… I ended every coaching session with the feeling of something had changed inside me. Where I only saw limits P4B saw my power to turn them into an achievable challenge
J. Palomo, Barcelona
I’m very happy to have Helder as my mentor/ personal coach. With his help I was able to step out of my comfort zone and with this to break through the apathy wall in which my life was stuck. Whereas I was only seeing obstacles, I now see opportunities. With Helder I started to believe in myself and to have confidence in my capacities, to keep the focus and to never give up
P. Centeno
There was a moment in my life when my mind was a turmoil of ideas, questions, doubts and incertitude, to have Helder gently stimulating me to create the necessary focus and alignment to move forward was a pleasure and privilege
N. Vieira
Business and Process Improvement
Customer experience journey and CRM strategy and Implementation
Executive and Personal Coaching
Leadership development

About the Founder

Helder Amaral, Engineer with 15+ years’ experience in a Multinational Corporate environment.

At the age of 40 he left what was once his dream job to become an entrepreneur. Co-founded RelaxInc, a Corporate Wellness service provider and also founded P4B Consulting which provides Business Consulting, Mentorship and Coaching to Corporations and individuals.

Helder transformational experience is based on the personal development, supported by relentless research and education in this area. To pursue the answer to what makes a difference in achieving the inner success and fulfillment.

In the book he is currently writing, he’s demystifying the popular belief that fulfillment and success is only available for special and gifted people. In fact any ordinary person like him can achieve her goals and dreams.

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